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“I was an engineer and got laid off. I couldn’t find another job because of how old I am and because I had too much experience. I went through my savings very fast and just felt discourage. I resorted to selling things, I rented out a room in my house and even got a cheaper car to cut costs. With the clinic’s help, I got better, felt happier and more confident and was able to find a job as an engineer consultant.”


“I was on drugs for 20 years and alcohol abuse for 29 years. I got started with the Aiken Center in July 2015 and was having pains and got checked out here at the clinic. I have now been clean for four years. I’ve been raising my child through it all and we’re doing our best. I got a job at Shaw and will get benefits. I have lost four pounds in two months. Life is great. Overall it’s just great.”


“I just wanted to let you know how much you are all appreciated for every little thing you have done for me. I know how busy you are and treating me like I am your only patient is very comforting, knowing you are just a phone call away. I was hit hard because of COVID. When I lost my job, I was not sure what I was going to do about my medical care. Through your clinic, I was able to see a doctor and get my insulin. The medical care I received saved my life. I am able to go back to work. people who work feel better about themselves and take better care of themselves because they have a purpose in their life. You are helping people and saving lives, and I am forever grateful to each one of you.”


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